The inequality in American education is increasing — but statistics don’t tell the whole story.

Bronwyn Harris was a new teacher thrust into a classroom in Oakland, California’s “Killing Zone.” Her teacher preparation classes had not covered making child abuse reports, teaching traumatized children, or keeping a class calm during a lockdown. This book chronicles the ups and downs of the students she taught, as well as the toll this work took on her personally.

About the Book

“Literally Unbelievable” chronicles eight years of ups and downs of Bronwyn Harris’s students in inner-city Oakland and the toll this took on her personally.

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“Literally Unbelievable is a wonderful, brilliant, moving, important, heartbreaking, inspiring, and sometimes funny book. I couldn’t put it down.”
—Anne Lamott, bestselling author

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About Bronwyn

Bronwyn Harris began teaching in East Oakland in 2000. In her first five minutes, a student threw a book at her head and she realized she had no curriculum with which to teach them.

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